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My Bad Boy

My Bad Boy

7.9K Reads 400 Votes 26 Part Story
νερό Οδηγό// Λιβάδι By WaterWizard Completed

Have you ever imagined Harry and Ginny as muggles? Yes muggles no magic, just being normal teens no war, just romance, silly friendships and a lot more.

Hogwarts High is indeed a magical place, in a figuratively sense of course. Harry James Potter the High School's resident bad boy, at least that's what the whole school and his thug friends think. They never got to know the real him, unlike Ron and Hermione who have known him since birth. Now in his Junior Year in high school still healing his broken heart due to his slutty ex girlfriend, Cho Chang. That's what started his bad boy streak, skipping school, bullying people and drinking his ares out of the bars with his friends, though he has had a considerable number of one night stands he never fell in love again.

That was until he met Ginivra Molly Weasley, a Softmore who thought there was more to him then there is that meets the eye, of course her brothers and best friends knew of the crush she had had on him since she was in sixth grade. Let us just say Ron Weasley knows something about his best friend that others don't, he knows Harry fancied his sister since he was a Softmore himself. He couldn't be any happier when he found out about the news! He along with Hermione have been trying to let him step up the courage to ask her out.

Will they get together? How will Ginny react when she finds out of Harry's feelings for her? Will Ginny fill the void in Harry's heart and make him happy once more?

Find out in, My Bad Boy.

"For a love so true
Will always come forth through and through."

Omg that's right! No magic meant Lily, James, Sirius, and Remus are still alive!!
AliviaSaha AliviaSaha Jul 09, 2016
Oh my god.This is awesome i am loving it. But i have a question.Harry's parents are alive?
Ginny_weasley7 Ginny_weasley7 Jul 19, 2016
Hey... I know this is completely off a bit but could someone explain the way high school is run? For example Grades? Freshmen year? Sophomore year? I am unfortunately haven't a noodle because In Ireland we don't go about that system. We don't do grades we do years. 🙈
Ginny_weasley7 Ginny_weasley7 Jul 19, 2016
Hey Mate! I am so incredibly sorry for not adding or even paying any attention! But thanks to Ryan I found my way! Brilliant first chapter! I love the plot and I will continue reading this! THANK YOU!❤️