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Pen Your Pride
My Bad Boy [Under Editing]

My Bad Boy [Under Editing]

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νερό Οδηγό// Λιβάδι By WaterWizard Completed

The Harry Potter crowd as muggles. Yes you heard that right, muggles! Imgaine a wrold without the war, Voldemort never exsisted, Harry's parents are alive.

Harry Potter is left broken hearted after catching his ex girlfriend cheating on him, and with his nemisis no less! He becomes a playboy, with a dark side no one wants to get a wind of; his family, friemds, and professors are worried about his sudden change. Studies left down the drain, friends left unattended, family events left for nights out in the pub. He seems to have turned cold, unkind, bitter. Yet for the people who care about him the most, they knew this wasn't really him, a beast was residing inside him.

Can someone save his soul from this darkness?

One red head who loves him.

Three others who seem to bring out the worst in him.

Friends who help him through his odeal.

More people who love to  cause drama.

With help of one red haired girl, Harry returms to his true self. She loves him more then he knows, and what he won't know won't hurt him. Hogwats High is nothing short of a magical place, come to think of it it might just surprise you.

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"For a love so true
Will always come forth through and through."

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MelissaHilsenrath MelissaHilsenrath Dec 04, 2017
This is a good song I wish that I could play this song until I see my crush again
Spassamschreiben Spassamschreiben Nov 12, 2017
I am sorry but I think harry is overreacting! They just kissed! I mean 2 years after a kiss? I am sorry it started good! I am really sorry but I cannot read feather. But I like your write style!
-lovesfood -lovesfood May 01, 2017
When u realize that there's no Voldemort and the marauders are alive...I'm soooooo happyyyyyy
tas_omar tas_omar Jul 22, 2017
This Ginny is the best Ginny and the only Ginny I imagine when reading HP💁🏻... not that "open up" "don't you trust me" Ginny🙄
nobodyimportant_____ nobodyimportant_____ Apr 04, 2017
Omg that's right! No magic meant Lily, James, Sirius, and Remus are still alive!!
AliviaSaha AliviaSaha Jul 09, 2016
Oh my god.This is awesome i am loving it. But i have a question.Harry's parents are alive?