Make Me, Mate

Make Me, Mate

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NIQUE By _laciela Updated May 08, 2017

As the last survivor of her kind, Sera Dunn has struggled to hide her powers behind a wall of what everyone would consider a normal human life. But behind that wall is a girl capable of seeing and playing with the strings of fate. A girl that could manipulate fate to her wishes and was, thereby, an ability that could be exploited. In a power struggle between the Sentinels and the Macabre Pack, Sera Dunn, was the game changer that everyone needed.

Luckily, the Macabre Pack had one advantage. The unsuspecting and inexperienced gamma, Trevor Cain, was her mate. 

Though Trevor was, in simple terms, inexperienced and certainly not someone most people expected to be powerful in Macabre. But like most wolves he was looking forward to the day he met his mate. Unfortunately, he didn't expect her to be someone that could control fate... making him have the misfortune of having a mate that could literally dodge the bond they shared.


"It's so nice to finally meet you,"Trevor said with a wide smile. He had extended his hand out, and though he meant no harm, the looming red string that bound us together made me nervous.

"It's nice to meet you too," I said as I looked at his hand, our strings were bound already, so touching him wouldn't do any harm... right?

I reached out to shake his hand and immediately felt the tingles run down my arm to my back. I bit my bottom lip and looked up at him, he looked extremely happy as he stared at our hands and he stood awkwardly, shifting his weight side to side. I immediately let go of him.

"What's wrong?"Trevor asked me.

"Trevor, she can tell that you're her mate. She's not an idiot."Elair said, rolling her eyes and I watched as Trevor stumbled backwards with his eyes wide open. "She's a Seer."

This book is the Sequel to the Wattpad Werewolf Novel: Break Me, Mate
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Lilwhiskeygirl Lilwhiskeygirl Aug 09, 2016
Lemme just say that I love your way of writing and am SO EXCITED for this so be out. 😄❤ Can I even say it enough?! No.. BUT I AM SO EXCITED! haha