Anformal(An interactive story)

Anformal(An interactive story)

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shockjaw12 By shockjaw12 Updated Jan 01, 2018

1 in a million people get the chance to be diagnosed with anformal, and you're one of them. 

You awake in a mental hospital because most anformal patients have lost here sanity, but when you find out that you still have sanity you have a chance to escape. 

Whilst escaping you make a friend (Leo) and the both of you make it out alive. On the way everything seems abandoned. 

Until you realise, a zombie apocalypse has broken out. Will you survive all these weird occurrences or die in an unforgettable way.  

(Anformal is a very rare disease were you have the power to shape shift, so doctors decided to kidnap every diagnosed person so they couldn't kill anyone)

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