Overprotective Brothers ~ Vylante

Overprotective Brothers ~ Vylante

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~New Cover Yayyy~

Vylad's a simple guy. A "straight" but simple guy. His friends consist of Travis: The adorable shy one who learns from Dante; The player.

One day, Dante does something. Something that has an impact on his and Vylad's relationship.


Sorry, I suck at descriptions lmao. Anyway, this is my first ever book! Enjoy!!


Rinkami_445 Rinkami_445 Jul 05, 2016
Can you please make the first chapter soon?? Please and thanks for your time! RINKAMI OUT! For now... O^O
1Xx1luna1xX1 1Xx1luna1xX1 Aug 16, 2016
the pic tho RIP zane i will put pinkie cake on the side of u
I love all the ships except for Kawaii~Chan and Katelyn but it's fine
TheAngelicGarrence TheAngelicGarrence Dec 01, 2016
Okay, for some reason I never understood why guys cry in the boy x boy fanfics when a  guy they don't yet know they like kisses them....
catpun catpun Sep 10, 2016
Well, Garroth is chilling with Laurence and Zane is with Gene, so wth this is gayest fam
1Xx1luna1xX1 1Xx1luna1xX1 Aug 16, 2016
wait..........what is a kiss?.............what is love?................URGG