Heartfilias Meet The Dragneels

Heartfilias Meet The Dragneels

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Anime_Onee_Chan By Anime_Onee_Chan Updated Nov 25

Mavis and Lucy Heartfilia are new students at Fairy Tail High. They easily become popular but not just because of their straight A grades. But what people don't know is the truth behind their fake smile. 

Zeref and Natsu Dragneel are known as the jocks in school. They act cold towards everyone except they're friends. Their cold and harsh attitude attracts all the girls on school grounds. But they only have eyes for  one person. 

What will happen when they meet the "always happy" Heartfilias? Will they be able to break down the wall that they built around themselves? What will happen when they find out the sisters' secret? Read to find out.

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