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Misery Loves Company (Hearties Award Runner-up)

Misery Loves Company (Hearties Award Runner-up)

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theinkslingerr By theinkslingerr Updated Feb 07

"Whelp, guess she's screwed."

That's what Dominic murmured as he threw me a frosty look before ambling downstairs. 

I stared at Rocco for a minute, expecting the same treatment, but he had other ideas. Ideas that led him right into the bathroom where he trapped me against the sink.

Gasping, I jerked back, the edge of the counter digging into my waist. "What're you-?" He pressed forward, and the hand I'd thrown up in defense landed on his broad chest. Hazel eyes smoldering, Rocco grinned and I forgot how to make words.


It's not every day sixteen year old Misery Hayes finds a rock band full of pretty boys on her door step. 

Actually, it's not every day Misery Hayes interacts with humans. Being named after an emotion Merriam-Webster defined as "extreme suffering" or "unhappiness" tended to make one a loner.

Well, sort've.

You see: Enid Conception Diaz, Youtube sensation and Misery's best friend, has sold her Tuesday afternoons to Blue Vendetta; an extremely popular alternative rock band consisting of one moody lead singer, one tease of a guitarist, one amiable bassist, and the world's most unstable drummer.

Can Blue Vendetta help Misery open up?

Or will she prove whoever said "misery loves company" horribly wrong?

Highest Ranking: #216 in Chicklit
Hearties Award (People's Choice): 4th Place
Hearties Award (Judge's Choice): 3rd Place

ebbyIggy ebbyIggy Jan 29
And she would be getting the absolute best ass whoppin of her life right now
ShooBarie ShooBarie 3 days ago
Me: Whoa dude
                              Kermit: What?
                              Me: You see da shade?
                              Us: Damnn...
IzYoneyama IzYoneyama 6 days ago
"Waddle waddle waddle, 'til the very next day"
                              Sorry, just singing a messed up song there
MissKYLex MissKYLex 5 days ago
I feel for her but her friend may have a good point to about seeing the humor in it instead of always looking at everything so negatively.
IzYoneyama IzYoneyama 6 days ago
Literally known about three people of each name (obviously not including misery)
ZelZel7 ZelZel7 6 days ago
Second Chapter thought; I would like to know how Blue Vandetta really fits into all of this, or did I miss something?