Misery Loves Company

Misery Loves Company

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theinkslingerr By theinkslingerr Updated 4 days ago

"Whelp, guess she's screwed."

That's what Dominic murmured as he threw me a frosty look before ambling downstairs. 

I stared at Rocco for a minute, expecting the same treatment, but he had other ideas. Ideas that led him right into the bathroom where he trapped me against the sink.

Gasping, I jerked back, the edge of the counter digging into my waist. "What're you-?" He pressed forward, and the hand I'd thrown up in defense landed on his broad chest. Hazel eyes smoldering, Rocco grinned and I forgot how to make words.


It's not every day sixteen year old Misery Hayes finds a rock band full of pretty boys on her door step. 

Actually, it's not every day Misery Hayes interacts with humans. Being named after an emotion Merriam-Webster defined as "extreme suffering" or "unhappiness" tended to make one a loner.

Well, sort've.

You see: Enid Conception Diaz, Youtube sensation and Misery's best friend, has sold her Tuesday afternoons to Blue Vendetta; an extremely popular alternative rock band consisting of one moody lead singer, one tease of a guitarist, one amiable bassist, and the world's most unstable drummer.

Can Blue Vendetta help Misery open up?

Or will she prove whoever said "misery loves company" horribly wrong?

RElizabethM RElizabethM Dec 22, 2016
I missed the cameramen earlier. Does she just see them now? Strippers don't normally come with paparazzi or news stations...or press...
😐 I'm resisting the urge to type "Do strippers have pimps" into Google
Murder! 😊 Male str- Wait huh? 😐 
                              (Literally what went on in my head just two seconds ago)
Queenofroses13 Queenofroses13 4 days ago
                              Absolutely amazing! Action, great plot, funny moments, sarcastic attitude, wonderful characters. I really enjoyed. Keep writing, because you are are doing an excellent job!
My best friend from 2nd grade's name was mort (a.k.a. death in latin) I AM IMMUNE TO ODD NAMES NOW xD
NataliaBritt NataliaBritt 2 days ago
Amazing first chapter. I still didn't figure why the band was at her house but I guess I'll just have to read on ha