Undertale Sans x Neko Reader

Undertale Sans x Neko Reader

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Author/Cat By PearlTheCat999 Updated Sep 07

You are a neko that needs to get away from your Master you run but you fall down the forbidden mountain Mt Ebott.

You meet a short punny skeleton that you fall for.

Yep, that's about it.

This is staying up for good.

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I just started reading and the title already killed me... thanks..
jaybladez jaybladez Apr 23, 2017
Thank you so much for the signs, they confused me so much on other stories
CJ_Roberto_Ilano CJ_Roberto_Ilano Nov 09, 2016
Y/N Crystal
                              P/c gray
                              F/f SPAGHETTI!!!!
                              F/d Sarsi/Root beer (no alchohol xD)
                              S/c purple
                              E/c purple
                              H/c white (on the top) and pink (on the bottom
                              H/l short with a small rat tail
CHOGIWAnts-to-die CHOGIWAnts-to-die Nov 06, 2016
                              (H/c)--Brown and sometimes another color too
glitchkitten5261 glitchkitten5261 Nov 23, 2016
Y/N Angelina/ Angel/ Kitty
                              P/c Black
                              F/f Mashed potatoes
                              F/d Dr Pepper
                              S/c Rainbow
                              E/c Brown/ Green when using magic
                              H/c Brown, usually in a ponytail
                              H/l Long 
                              And that's the description of my OC!
Y/N = Rose 
                              P/C = White 
                              F/F = Ketchup 
                              F/D = MTN DEW Voltage MLG OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
                              S/C = Black 
                              E/C = Red 
                              H/C = Red 
                              H/L = Long 
                              Ear/Color = Red