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Undertale Sans x Neko Reader

Undertale Sans x Neko Reader

30.1K Reads 827 Votes 19 Part Story
Pearl By PearlTheHamster Updated Jan 07

You are a neko that needs to get away from your Master you run but you fall down the forbidden mountain Mt Ebott.

You meet a short punny skeleton that you fall for.

JAZgirlgamerMC JAZgirlgamerMC Nov 09, 2016
Y/N Crystal
                              P/c gray
                              F/f SPAGHETTI!!!!
                              F/d Sarsi/Root beer (no alchohol xD)
                              S/c purple
                              E/c purple
                              H/c white (on the top) and pink (on the bottom
                              H/l short with a small rat tail
WolfRadiation WolfRadiation Nov 06, 2016
                              (H/c)--Brown and sometimes another color too
glitchkitten5261 glitchkitten5261 Nov 23, 2016
Y/N Angelina/ Angel/ Kitty
                              P/c Black
                              F/f Mashed potatoes
                              F/d Dr Pepper
                              S/c Rainbow
                              E/c Brown/ Green when using magic
                              H/c Brown, usually in a ponytail
                              H/l Long 
                              And that's the description of my OC!
Y/N = Rose 
                              P/C = White 
                              F/F = Ketchup 
                              F/D = MTN DEW Voltage MLG OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
                              S/C = Black 
                              E/C = Red 
                              H/C = Red 
                              H/L = Long 
                              Ear/Color = Red
Omg good job why were you so scared you did great mine is like trash compared to this. 😄
JosiefelMauriceVitor JosiefelMauriceVitor Sep 02, 2016
My teacher thought me sign language because I kept bothering her about how to do it....
                              But I can only do the ABC's part..