Book 1 :The alpha and the badass *completed *

Book 1 :The alpha and the badass *completed *

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Hi I am Lizbeth Blake and I am a rare white wolf and I am 18 I haven't found my mate yet.key word YET! I am the 1st oldest by 1 hour because I have a twin so after my father gives us the power of being a alpha I think I will change things up a bit in this pack.So each of about my sad life. I am nice,sweet,always get straight A's,Don't break school rules and I hate Rebels! WRONG!  Wassup I am not nice,I got one thing....  I am a bitch,don't get straight A's,I break school rules all the time and I love being a rebel.once I was on a high speed chase but got CAUGHT  sadly.But I did meet a sexy officer and he gave me his number and we went out for a bit and h-oops looks like I missed my duties my dad is going to be mad.OH YEA I HAVE MY OWN WORLD AND IT IS BAD BITCH-A-CA! WHOOOOOO

Sup I am Andrew Cole and I am alpha and me and that Lizbeth girl are NOTHING close to being the same  same.Every single thing she likes I hate.I have not found my mate/Luna yet.But I will soon very soon.ugh my description has to be cut short because I have alpha duties.Good bye fellow wolfs

What happens when rebel Lizbeth and Andrew meet? Read the book to find out

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