Soulless  UF Sans x Reader

Soulless UF Sans x Reader

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... By Jere2002 Updated Sep 12

After a month the monsters from the Underground, humanity on the surface has changed. People still hated the monsters but a small group of humans actually accepted them. One of those members is (y/n). People think she loves monsters because "she's one of them" referring to her inhuman like blood red eyes. But thats not the case, since she cannot feel love. And some people might even think she's soulless. But one monster might change that.

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                              IM A GHOUL WITHOUT A KAGUNE AND CAN EAT HUMAN FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
Who else read the whole 'want them dead, but cant becaue of blood ties* thing and thought og the scene in the christma sorry AU where Edge/Fell!Sans vents or Sci!Sans
But damn do they want her dead.
                              Isint that in the Christmas au party?!
This story is amazing! This might be the first chapter but damn do I love it!
I'm just gonna keep my eyes the weird silver color they are. Not grey. Straight up silver blue. I'm keeping that. Everything else seems about right tho
rose66912 rose66912 Aug 02
😂😂😂 one step closer to becoming batman 😂😂😂