Can't Crossdress (DISCONTINUED)

Can't Crossdress (DISCONTINUED)

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Gotta Write Fast By Cevi-Kun Updated Oct 05, 2016

(If you're wondering why this sucks so hard it's because I write this a pretty long time ago. When I sucked)

The Butterfly Effect is such a fascinating phenomenon. So, what would've happened...
If Nagisa never crossdressed in the Island arc? Small butterfly effect? Huge consequences? 

A little bit of a spoiler, but it needs to be said. Later on into the story, it gets a little serious and the contents
may be triggering for some people. Especially minors. Thank you. :)

(If you have absolutely no idea who Karma×Nagisa, I recommend you watch the series.)

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DemonicLions DemonicLions Nov 17, 2016
Well then.... *looks at own friends* Thanks guys.... For absolutely nothing
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A ball of unindenyifies human meat and flesh..
                              Yep,That's Karma giving your Karma alright
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How will they get out of this? Plz ignore some. I have terrible typing