The Virginity Game | ✔️

The Virginity Game | ✔️

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❝You know what year it is, right?❞

❝Uh... 2016?❞

❝It's senior year, that personal question kind of matters. So if you don't mind me asking again, have you ever had sex?❞

I get flustered and blurt out, ❝No,❞ before I can stop myself.


The boys of Redwood High have a tradition that has been passed down from each senior class to the next. The four boys that partake of the game choose the next four boys when they graduate, and so on.

This game has been dubbed The Virginity Game, and Lennon Hastings has vowed to stay far away from it. She knows that the whole point of this game is to de-flower as many girls as they can, and whoever gets the most, wins. Lennon is of course, still a virgin, and she has no intention of changing that.

But when paired up with the most charismatic of all the four boys in science class, she realizes something. She's not invincible. And she'll either be so nice to them they won't want to take her as a conquest and nothing more, or she'll give in and not only let them into her pants - but into her heart too.

Just realized it was Iron Man instead of GoTs but... I mean... you can't go wrong with either Stark in my opinion. That aside, this chapter was very funny.
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that was the funniest thing ever omg he though it was real 😂😂😂 BYE BYE MOTHERFUCKER OMG
I'm really liking this so far. It's really well written and the plot is definitely entertaining. Hopefully a few egos get crushed in this story.
                              Ps. I just looked up and saw the word Stark in your username. Game of Thrones fan? Yay!