Uncontrollable | Book One

Uncontrollable | Book One

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"You fücking monster! What did you do to me?!"

The shackles that were clamped tightly around my wrist, created red marks, drawing a small amount of blood as I pulled, tugged, and twisted on them.

He tsked, shaking his head, as if scolding a child. But that's the thing, that's what I am, just a child, a teen at that.

"Oh sweetheart! The only monster here- is you." He grins sickly, sending my insides in a churning frenzy.

I sneer up at him, my kneeling position taking it's toll on my neck after being craned up for so long.

"Don't believe me?" He arched a thick brow, shrugging his shoulders. "See for yourself."

My once normal life, I always thought I would somehow get back, not much but just a small fraction of it- finally crumpled the moment I locked gazes on the person in the mirror.

I only did one thing. . . It was buried deep within my chest, crawling it's way up my throat and before I knew it, out my mouth.

I screamed.


  Scarlett Wright, sixteen years old, parent-less and alone taking care of her five year old brother when out of no where she suddenly burst into flames.

  She's frighten, scared and doesn't know what to do. This isn't the first time it has happened though, it was also the day her parents were murdered but this catches the attention of a person, lurking in the shadows, who were, and still are watching her and the every move she makes. Suddenly there's a series of knocks at her door in the dead of night. Taken from her home and thrown into a world she always thought didn't exist, people are out to get her and use her powers for evil.

Why Me? She asks. Her parents left behind a HUGE secret and it's in her nature to find out what.

Why is she wanted? Will she ever be the normal girl she was? Or thought? And Who is the man in her dreams?

Cover Made by- @xxheadlightsxx
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BriQWilliamz149 BriQWilliamz149 Nov 10, 2016
Really awesome prologue. I'm very intrigued by your story. I just want to mention that the highlighted part "Bloodshedding war I know I will not walk out alive" doesn't make sense. Maybe put "that I wouldn't come out of alive"
Omg your cover is perfection!!!!!!!!!! :o And your writing is amazing! You're so talented omg!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3
Jim_Bepp Jim_Bepp Nov 04, 2016
I think it's a good start! Some errors but aren't there always :) I look forward to reading on!
_forest_nymph _forest_nymph Dec 07, 2016
Like love red? Or blood red? That's the weird thing about colors, they can be positive or negative 😂
Astronaut135 Astronaut135 Nov 05, 2016
I love how you describe the scene! I can already get a taste of the mood of your story. Just make sure to watch out for past and present tense. Try to choose one and stick to it. Anyway, I can't wait to read more!
ArisaMist ArisaMist Dec 14, 2016
Wow this is an amazing prologue! Haha bet the story is gonna be amazing!