This Means War | BillDip {Sequel to The Blue Flame}

This Means War | BillDip {Sequel to The Blue Flame}

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Three years ago,
Bill was shot and 'killed' by Stanford.
But what if he wasn't truly gone...?

Dipper, has lost it. He was so desperate to find Bill, he shut everyone out, including his twin. 
He moved out of the shack, in order to find a way to bring Bill back. He started a new journal, completely dedicated to Bill. 
He now lives, alone, in his theory cluttered apartment, on the verge of insanity. 
(Dipper is pretty much acting like Ford did, when he shut everyone out to chase mysteries) 

Mabel, has pretty much gone into depression. Her brother left one night without a word. 
She used to sit outside, what used to be their room and beg him to come out, but he never did... HECK, SHE BARELY KNOWS WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE ANYMORE!?!
She stays at home,(mystery shack) taking care of her retired Grunkles, hoping that one day she will see her bro-bro again... 
(Mabel doesn't have a good way of dealing with her depression either...)

Ford, has completely given up searching for mysteries. It put to much stress on the family, ever since Dipper ran away... 
Dipper left without a trace and the police refused to look for him, since he was of legal age to move out. 

Stanley, has started to get sick... Slightly from old age, partly from depression but mostly from stress. Running the Shack became to much work, so he handed it down to Soos completely. (Although the Pines still live in the shack)



{This is a sequel to The Blue Flame. I suggest you read it before this one!}

SmallzStudios SmallzStudios 14 hours ago
All hail Tyrone *group of erusions from Voltron father behind me* eeeeeeeeh
myshelley1000 myshelley1000 Jul 10, 2016
First: Omg Flowey and Bill!! ^^
                              Second: Is Will in here?? Yaay!!
SmallzStudios SmallzStudios 14 hours ago
It's will and he's in the reverse Falls dimensions IM SO HAP HAP THAT U INCLUDED THAT!!! *whispers* I may or may not have drank an entire container of mabel juice this morning *cough cough*
myshelley1000 myshelley1000 Jul 14, 2016
Poor Mabel, and ofcourse I know its Will, he's the second best character next to Bill ^^
SmallzStudios SmallzStudios 14 hours ago
I relate to DIPPER Mabel and Bill in this story cause I'm slowly going insane *whispers next part* from fan fiction ahem*
SmallzStudios SmallzStudios 14 hours ago
How do you know what I do in my spare time?? *laughs but is slowly dying inside* help me jk