The Coach

The Coach

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Aaliyah Turner By Aaliyah_Loyal Updated Oct 23, 2017

I picked up my phone hearing it ring. "Hello?" 

"I don't like being ignored." Coach's Carson angry voice rang in my ears making my breath hitched.

"Leave me alone." I whispered tightening my grip on my phone as I said this. My whole body shook in fear, my palms were sweaty at how scared I was....

"Leave you alone?" He laughed through the phone. He then said something that made my whole body shut down.

 "How can I possibly leave you alone, when I'm standing right behind you."

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XavierGrey3 XavierGrey3 May 06
seriously tho? i know that u might not like her and stuff but in this mean time u have to say that? like bitch .. even if u don't feel any regret about her "suicide" *ekhm iykwim .. u still can at least TRY TO LOOK LIKE you actually feel bad right?
loveispower21 loveispower21 Nov 17, 2017
The world record is 22 minutes and 22 seconds. Yep but back then it was 17 minutes and 24 seconds I believe
XavierGrey3 XavierGrey3 May 06
that "I think" got me assumptioning that the person who said this line was Coach Wilson's lost child haha jk tho
I used to be the tallest but now all my brother are like 6ft and I'm 5" 3 and everyone in my class like 5" 9 or 6" 2
Shbubbas Shbubbas Mar 04
everyone beigdeepand itstruebut my firstthouht was thenewcoach killed her to get the job n stalk te main character
ChampagneSwizzle ChampagneSwizzle Nov 03, 2017
Now there’s people I don’t like, but I would wish that upon somebody