Raise Them Up (Everlark)

Raise Them Up (Everlark)

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Ship.Flip.Get a grip By lauren_3_aqua Updated Oct 09

Katniss is a cheerleader and Peeta is a football player for Panem High. Sounds like they would be perfect together, right? Peeta thought the same exact thing. That is until Gale, Katniss's boyfriend finds out It isn't the best thing, but not even that is their biggest problem. Their biggest problem is that they have been friends from years and they don't want to change a single thing.

(This book switches between a Peeta and Katniss POV but has no pattern.)
(This book contains a little bit of swearing (nothing too bad)and a few teenage/adult situations)

Characters are owned by Suzanne Collins.

Told you I'd be the first to read it. 😊 I don't know if U really was, but I was the first to comment at least. 😂
This is like, my new favorite quote EVER!! I swear, I screamed when I read ut, and it's almost 2am!! 😂😂 Perfect, Lauren! Absolutely perfect! 😂