Anime Lemons

Anime Lemons

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weflxwless By weflxwless Updated Aug 17, 2016

" We're taking this a little too far.." Laxus uttered as he held y/n 's chin up with his hand , being very gentle , almost too gentle , as if she would break if he made one wrong move. His fur that lined his huge coat , tickled her skin. 

Y/n sat straight up and smacked his hand away.  " I told you not to touch me. " She growled , obviously agitated, but right now she had no clue where she was. It looked like a hospital , turning her head to the right she saw Master Makarov laying down in a hospital bed next to hers. Only opened curtains separated the two. Y/n gasped. 

" Ssshh. He's alright , let him rest. " Laxus smiled softly , touching her right arm lightly before standing up and closing the curtains which surrounded her bed. 

" This is your doing , you heartless bastard. " 

Your POV

" Baby , " He turned my head towards him , I blushed at his word choice. " you know I'm not heartless , that's how you and Natsu almost beat me , isn't it? "

That was true , I was a Cupid Mage and...

Animal56035 Animal56035 Jul 22, 2016
Skipping through the woods naked, nothing suspicious at all XD
supercreepypasta supercreepypasta Oct 24, 2016
I spilled my justice all over him......YOU ARE Guilty CASE DISMISSED