ReaderXCrush Short Stories

ReaderXCrush Short Stories

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golden_dragon1103 By golden_dragon1103 Updated 3 days ago

CRUSHES ARE THE WORST!!! It takes you an eternity to get over 'em. The worst is that they just don't like ya back (I've been there many times. #SadLife ) 

      Well, these stories are a "Read At Your Own Risk!" thing, since you could even fall deeper in love with your crush. They're really random. Some may have actually happened to me. And some are just made up out of nowhere (or just really cute, weird dreams I have). 

      This is the disclaimer get ready. (Heavy breathing) okay, IDoNotUpdateThatVeryOften, SoICanNotSayThatThisWillBeAVerySuccessgulBook. MyEnglish, Grammer, AndPunctuationAreHorrifying. ThereWillBeTonsOfReferences(Cough)Anime. InAddition, IDoNotTakeBlameIfYouHaveFallenDeeplyInLoveWithYourCrush. 



Do something on the song "Back to You" by John Meyer please author:-):-)