My Hero Academia! One shots!

My Hero Academia! One shots!

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Yoo-hoo milk By oikawatrash14 Updated Aug 02

Boku no hero academia or my hero academia. 

【Requests are open】

Everything is accepted besides OCS or putting your name as the character. 

I'm sticking to using  (name).

r4ndomchild r4ndomchild Jul 25
Can you do a soulmate au with Izuku or shouto, please? Also can you make it a lemon?
Do you think you could do a humerous Shouto X Reader one-shot? Or a lemon?
kuistic21 kuistic21 Jul 26
Can you do a lemon for Kirishima Eijirou? And I really do wanna see a Todoroki Shouto Lemon as well :D
visgret visgret Jul 22
Umm please do Bakugo x reader lemon
                              Im a fellow sinner
Im sorry to be a bother but could I request tomura as a lemon? Idk for the scenario... Like use the hands for somethin idk.
*whisper* Tenya needs love,is it alright if I request Yandere Teny iida x reader
                              leMON OR NOT ITS ALRIGHT-