My Hero Academia! One shots!

My Hero Academia! One shots!

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merkiplier By merkiplier Updated Aug 11

Boku no hero academia or my hero academia. 

【Requests are open】

Everything is accepted besides OCS or putting your name as the character. 

I'm sticking to using  (name).

I'm always getting a request of doing a character x character and I do NOT write about that! Find another book if you're not happy with that, this book is solely dedicated for a reader input!

kayycie11 kayycie11 Jul 06
I really love your story! ;) Can I request Kirishima x Tsuyu? Thanks~
can i request:
                              all might(true form) x fan!reader, lemon (° v °)
                              yandere!bakugou + yandere!shouto x hopeless!reader ( °////°)
Videogame18 Videogame18 Jun 13
Can I request a Mashirao Ojiro x shy reader lemon and the reader is bakugou's little sister but no one knows expect for the teachers
Katsuki x male shy uke reader lemon ;)););););););););););););)););););)
Could you do a Kirishima Eijirou x Reader where the reader changed her last name because she comes from a family of villains and wants to hide the fact?
BabyArcangelnew BabyArcangelnew a day ago
Can I request a beautiful!strong! reader x Slightly older! Todoroki or Izuku?