Every summer and every Christmas, Callie Macpherson has grown up with, been best friends with, and fallen in and out of love with Jesse, the boy who lives on her father’s rural holiday camp. His carefree, relaxed lifestyle is the polar opposite to the prim and proper (and stuck-up) London life that she’s used to during the rest of the year. And his caring, non-confrontational demeanour is the perfect chalk to her fiery, talkative cheese. Ever since they were eight, they had completed each other.

But then Callie had to learn the hard way that keeping secrets will always end in disaster. And now, six months on, she can tell that Jesse needs her more than ever, but she needs to earn his trust back in order to help him. And, after all that happened last summer, Callie's not sure that Jesse's trust is something she'll ever manage to recapture.

  • callie
  • childhood
  • england
  • holiday
  • jesse
  • love
  • romance
  • secret

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