Jealousy (Adrienette) {#MLWattyAwards} ON HOLD UNTIL SEASON 2

Jealousy (Adrienette) {#MLWattyAwards} ON HOLD UNTIL SEASON 2

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Meggo (ON HIATUS) By aztecnemo Updated Mar 24

Marinette and Adrien attended the same school. They knew each other, and acknowledged each other. But Marinette couldn't help the way she felt about Adrien. His gorgeous blonde hair, those piercing green eyes, and his perfect, dazzling smile. But she knew Adrien would never see her as more than a friend. 

Adrien saw the way he looked at her. It annoyed Adrien that somebody was in love with her. But he loved Ladybug, not Marinette, right? There was something so familiar about the girl though, that midnight blue hair, those beautiful ocean eyes, and her genuine kindness towards all her friends. Maybe Adrien was jealous that somebody else was interested in his friend other than himself. 

Nathanael saw the way Marinette stared at Adrien. He wished so longingly that Marinette would look at him that way. What did she see in that stuck up rich model anyways? He could be just as charming as Adrien, if only he could stop stuttering around Marinette. 

I do not own these characters. Credit to Zagtoons. Credit to the owner for the art in the cover. Edit done by me.


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*takes out her tomato mashin' hammer* TIME TO MAKE SOME KETCHUP!!!!!
I need ketchup to go with the fries which is also known as Chloe. TIME TO GET SOME KETCHUP
Why use an alarm clock if she has a fully functioning kwami to wake her up?
I made a noise that was a little frog-like when I read this......
That one episode where she wakes up at 9:45 and she's like "I'm one hour late" 
                              4 a sec I'm confused af but then remember school starts at 9 in France (and there is no school Wens)
Uhm... how is she supposed to let Nathanaël down gently? I don't want her to hurt the tomato child, but I HARDCORE ship Adrienette! NOOOO 🍅 👶!