Abused Mate

Abused Mate

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kayleigh By xWishfulWeirdox Updated 6 hours ago

The beatings, the suffering, the pain, the yelling, the screaming, the crying, the countless wishes to die. Her life has never been perfect. She is an omega, beaten and treated like dirt... by her own pack. She has lived like this her whole life, not even remembering her own name. Her past was thrown out the window, her future stained red.

Her first mate rejected her, the endless crying and screaming from the pain of being far away. Finally being too numb to feel it, the pain. 

When she finally meets her second mate, he doesn't want her. She is heartbroken, now on the verge of death, but he doesn't care. Or does he?

Sorry for the crappy description, the story it better, promise.

Wow. Out if words amazing !!! I almost cried it's so sad😭😭
MommaMeow, why?? Why do people treat her so bad. It makes me so sad 😭
efishx efishx Jul 09
This is the best book I've ever read! I love this so so much! Your style of writing is so beautiful and I think I'm crying right now C
JuuzouXKaneki JuuzouXKaneki 5 days ago
Bitch 2 minutes? You soulf like my mom. If you knew niggas were comin you shouldve.. ya know what.. lemme read this book..
Lynn0306 Lynn0306 Aug 15
*lips quivers* this making me so sad...am I the only one😭😭😭😭
This chapter made me cry like the feels are so real 😭😭😭😭great work tho 😊😊😊