The Silver Awards - 2016 Edition

The Silver Awards - 2016 Edition

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The Year Team By WarriorsOfTheYear Updated Apr 10, 2017

The Silver Awards is a way to reach out to the Warriors Community. We reach out by recognizing every part of the community through awards.

The Silver Awards is ran by the Century and Decade Teams, who have brought countless ideas to the Warriors community. They hope this award ceremony will bring the community together for a huge celebration!

The awards were named after one of our creators, Silver. The awards' name was chosen by Shadow when she was still present with us, but we did not change the awards' name because Shadow would not have wanted that. So instead, we have a special award in honor of Shadow. 

For each category, there will be three nominees, then you guys vote, landing each book in Third, Second, and First place in each category. Prizes for each one will be announced in a later part. 

As always, thank you for attending the Silver Awards and we hope you enjoy the journey!

Cover by: @-Skyfrost-

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The_Warrior_Writer The_Warrior_Writer Jul 30, 2016
I nominate Spokenstar from @Spokenwrites even if she kills me
Reality-mask Reality-mask Sep 23, 2016
@sandflower1234 is my nomination as her art is beautiful and lots of thought goes into every peice
cleverchaii cleverchaii Sep 05, 2016
I nominate @SilverfrostXxX for her absolutely beautiful and inspiring book of poems, Warriors Cats Poetry.
MegaWarriorsFans MegaWarriorsFans Jul 25, 2016
I would like to nominate @QuicklesTheSpatula for her work Smaller Paws, which is very well written and VERY different from most stories. I'm surprised that there aren't a lot of votes on it!
                              -Feather 💠
CatsOfFeatherClan CatsOfFeatherClan Aug 27, 2016
I nominate @XxGalaxyCookie774xX  for her Magical Clans roleplay. It's so cool!!!!
StarWarrior4 StarWarrior4 Jul 31, 2016
I nominate @TheMelodicCat with her amazing story 'Running from the World'. It's unique and I've never seen anything like it!