All Dolled Up  (Short story)

All Dolled Up (Short story)

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Aly Gedgaudas By Alycat1901 Updated Aug 01

Eric Thompson knows there's something utterly bizarre regarding the strange little boy who lives down the road. The boy who's friends with his young sister holds the idea that humans would make the perfect dolls... 
As time goes by and Eric's concerns fall upon deaf ears, his fears of the strange little boy with the hauntingly eerie eyes could prove to be accurate. 
Sometimes evil starts off at a young age...

Amazing cover by Tomorrowland

Do I know Eric Thompson? Is it from your some other books, this whole name seems highly familiar yet I can't remember where have I heard or read it... *sighs* :/
I read it Doll and Hatcher o-o & I was thinking who are they? XDD
oh my God
                              HE IS DOLLY FROM CANNIBAL BRIDE omggggg aaaaaaaaaaa
So this could be the prequel of human doll maker, right? The background of the killer in Human doll maker... ?
                              I'm so gonna read it... o-o xDD