Two Faced ✱d.t

Two Faced ✱d.t

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-a🖤 By -thrashermartinez Updated Aug 07

"What do you want from me?" I ask furiously.

"We want your body" Ethan says with Grayson by his side smirking.

^ quotes not in book ^

Ethan and Grayson Dolan are nice people once you get to meet them. But you don't know their secret. Tessa Fernandez, met them at school because they were new. They were nice and all, but she never knew their secret until she got kidnapped for reasons that shouldn't be said YET. 

Ethan Dolan: As himself
Grayson Dolan: As himself
Unknown girl: As Tessa Gonzalez
Alissa Violet: As Claire Gonzalez
Lisa Dolan: As herself
Sean Dolan: As himself
Cameron Dolan: As herself

Papi_Gray Papi_Gray May 19
Omg that picture is memories right there of fetus E tee wee tee 😭😖💜😂
She wants to work at Starbucks and I want to work at Victoria Secret.
veceeking veceeking Aug 31
Why is every popular girls name Brooke? No hate, it's just c'mon. Be more creative.
Omfg!! Deja vu !! I just came from insta looking at a pic of him ans his brother
Gabdab10 Gabdab10 Aug 14
Oooooooo hell...... WHAT AM I DOING????!?!!!?' IM A LOYAL GRAYSON GIRL
No your suppose to say "Bye Felicia exit to the left." Or "Goodbye BITCH!"