Star Wars Rebels { Boyfriend Scenarios/Prefreces }

Star Wars Rebels { Boyfriend Scenarios/Prefreces }

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Darkside Turkeys By MysticalMoons2 Updated 6 days ago

The title says it all.

Learn what you favorite characters would do if they were your boyfriend

The characters that are in it are. 

And I take requests.

noor0371 noor0371 Aug 24
To be honest, I'm not really into Star Wars...sorry not for knowing what any of this means???
                              XD I'm actually so lost...I should probably start watching the movies
__Alicee __Alicee Sep 07
When you think Zeb is a gentle man then he betrays you like this
SmallBobInc SmallBobInc Aug 11
'Just laughs at you'
                              Lmao that's me
                              Short but sweet, I like it
Some editing required!
                              Though, this does seem interesting. I've never watched or was generally interested in Star Wars, but I have made my own scenarios book before.
                              This is pretty cool, I will admit!
There's one thing that I like about Star Wars– the names. They're cool.
                              I've never quite seen a scenario book like this. I like it!
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