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wolf queen By lastingsummit Updated 6 days ago

"You're weak, you're unstable, you're arrogant! You aren't a good wolf!" A laugh barked out of the Alpha's throat, shaking his head, eyes so bright. "Grow up, pup! Look at yourself!"

My hands shake as he taunts me, travelling up my arms until my whole body is vibrating. "No!" I scream, voice more animal than anything, and then,

I lunge. 


Females are weak in this world. Your mate, he'll protect you. He'll save you, no matter what. That's what he's for. 

But that's not what Montana Wrens was built for. She's independent, driven, and hard headed. No is not an option. In this world she's out of place, prosecuted, hated, put down. This isn't her, she somehow is breaking the mold. 

What happens when the men in her life are almost all against her? The women unwilling to band? Will she fight for the top? 

Or settle for second...

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_babygirlliyah_ _babygirlliyah_ Aug 01, 2016
I love how you broke the rules for she-wolves. She is really unique and i cant wait for you to update this book. I am already interested in reading more.
kimmorjones kimmorjones Jan 09
Someone after my own heart ❤️. I am so sick of this weak female that submitted to the male for no apparent reason other than he is a man. I will relish reading your story.  TELL IM AND KICK SOME A$$
unerel01 unerel01 Jul 26, 2016
Finally someone that are capable of breaking the secret rule of writing when it  comes to an  independent and strong she wolf story. I really like this beginning of this story and i hope you can continue soon.👍
spatiaangelus spatiaangelus Aug 01, 2016
Great first chapter, I like how she is unique in her independence 
                              Look forward to reading
TeaceFindlay TeaceFindlay Aug 01, 2016
Gasp, muy excelente,  i love it and trust me you're getting a shoutout in my next chapter of Pup