Undertale One Shots | Mainly Sans'

Undertale One Shots | Mainly Sans'

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All the covers/drawings/thumbnails in this book are owned by me!

Hello! I would like to welcome you to a book I've decided to create for the fandom of Undertale:

Undertale One Shots | Mainly Sans'! 

This book gets many requests from readers like you, you may comment down below what you liked about: any One Shot you read, anything silly about any certain dialogue written, or a request that I might add onto my list of the One Shots I'll make in the future!

The One Shots I create are ongoing! Meaning that this book might or might not end until it reaches an official chapter limit, like per say; 100 chapters.

I do update every now and then. I update by taking pictures of what's going on in my life, what I've been doing, and/or questions I could ask you guys. And when I make those chapters, once I have officially made my mark of what I plan to do next, I delete the chapters of those events and keep only the One Shots that readers like you need.

Now you can stop reading all of this and read, and if your curious, you can obviously ask me questions about the book or anything in fact~

Have fun reading this weird crap!

(and don't worry, my art and writing style gets better as you read on~~~)

                              First of all I would never kill Papy....
                              Second, if I did than I would give him a proper burial
Well we ARE love sick so I don't think it's us actually doing it
Yay! Another Yandere!Ink!Sans one shot! I hope this is as good as the other one,which is my favorite one you've done so far. (This comment is BEFORE reading the one shot)
Sans being a bit thin and small looks weird, I guess I'm used to the fanart of him being big
                              Not in that way Baka!! (>~<")/
*Already starts fangirling and I haven't even started reading yet*
what kind of Love?
                              love as you really like someone? or..
                              LOVE Level Of ViolencE