The Fallen's Rage: A Percy Jackson Revenge Story

The Fallen's Rage: A Percy Jackson Revenge Story

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Demogorgon By DeathToForgiveness Updated Jul 13, 2016

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. And hate leads to your suffering by the hands of the betrayed one."

"In the time before the silence, before all this happened, an apocalyptic prophecy was spoken. Gaea, the bloodthirsty Earth Mother was awakened. But she wasn't the only one. Her brethren, the primordials, have also awakened from their sleep. The Olympians, complacent from their apparent victory, damned their champion to the abyss. In their minds they have thought that there was no need for the son of Poseidon."

"In his rage, the Malignant One, has come. With his mind torn apart by the betrayal, the Malignant One crawled in and made the child of the sea seek revenge.

"And we have decided to help him."

"And no one will stop the fall of Olympus."


Ldazzle_YT Ldazzle_YT Aug 11
Dam I happen to want the domain for sassiness. I could tell Donald trump to Stfu before in he ruins America in a sarcastic and badass way
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Johnlockpokidrarry Johnlockpokidrarry Dec 03, 2016
Wow. He could have percy do anything and he chooses to make him hang out with him. He must be lonely.🙁
*Adds sassiness onto the end of that list* There ya go. You need that.
Is he a Malfoy
                              I know he's not because he's a dragon but for the sake of the reference roll with me here