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The God of Chaos (Vengeful Percy)

The God of Chaos (Vengeful Percy)

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DeathToForgiveness because I hate it when Percy forgives after he's betrayed By DeathToForgiveness Updated Jul 13, 2016

"Revenge is not the hero's way."

Percy Jackson? Hero? He's not the hero anyone. This time, he's an antihero.

After being betrayed and condemned to Tartarus after the Second Giant War, Percy Jackson, now the god of chaos, elements, creation, time, storms, fate, fear, pestilence, conquest, death, destruction and darkness has risen from the abyss. Now with the thirst for vengeance  burning like hellfire within him, he rises and coming to burn the gods' little mountain to ashes.


Pertemislokidrarry Pertemislokidrarry Dec 03, 2016
Wow. He could have percy do anything and he chooses to make him hang out with him. He must be lonely.🙁
*Adds sassiness onto the end of that list* There ya go. You need that.
Is he a Malfoy
                              I know he's not because he's a dragon but for the sake of the reference roll with me here
Actually it's not forbidden for immortals to kill monsters 
                              After all they fight typhoon 
                              And Artemis hunts monsters all the time
LadyNyxVoid LadyNyxVoid Nov 24, 2016
at least I know mom and dad will never kill me 😃. I'd never go against them and theyre both my parents and I love both of them! 😃❤️
BloodMoonRose19 BloodMoonRose19 Dec 09, 2016
Why does this armour remind me of Dracula's draconic armour?