Tris is Alive: Eternity

Tris is Alive: Eternity

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The third and final book of the Tris Is Alive Trilogy, if you haven't read the first two books (Tris is Alive & Aftermath) then I STRONGLY encourage you to read those two first.

Tris and Tobias have both overcome war, death, loss and betrayal. But that's nothing compared to the journey they face now, PARENTHOOD! Tris finds out she is pregnant and now her and Tobias must make the transition to a more calming and less dangerous life. Will they stay in Chicago? What will they name their child? Will they be able to work out their problems and move forward in both of their lives?

Find out in Tris Is Alive: Eternity

*All Rights go to the AMAZING Veronica Roth and feedback is appreciated*


Omg.. The book is 😍  can't wait.. It would be fun to watch Christina and tris pregnant.. And how it rolls out..
fandom4546 fandom4546 Jul 05
Oh MY LORD!!! Thank the gods!!! YOURE MAKING ANOTHER BOOK!! OMG TRISSY POO!!! Stay with us!!!
Oh you are a good writer. I love your books. @DauntlessWarrior4
jkmoo1013 jkmoo1013 Jul 09
Yes! You are meant to be an author! Can't wait for an update!
That was a beautiful chapter I started to cry too, I just want them to be happy
That was an absolutely perfect way to start off another amazing book thank you sooo much