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Love Dont Change

Love Dont Change

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NiqNiq1003 By NiqNiq1003 Updated Jan 09

Princess POV

Today is 4th of July and my mom is having a cookout today I didn't want to go but she making me go I stood up going in the bathroom taking a shower getting out doing my hygiene I wrapped a towel around my body going in my closet looking for something
 to wear I finally found something I put on White Pierre Balmain Shorts with a Stars and Stripes Print Crop Tank Top and my Varsity Red 11s I put my hair in a curly ponytail I put on my Rolex with a Blue Flower Crown on I put on my pink Rolex it was a horn blow I grabbed my phone and purse going downstairs outside locking up my house getting in my cousin Aaleeyah car she smiled driving off 

"Back to Gwinnett"Aaleeyah said 

"My second hometown"I said she looked at my wrist smiling

"I see you still wearing that watch" Aaleeyah said 

"Yeah"I said 

"So do you still love him"She asked 

"Yes of course that's my first love"I said my ex boyfriend Ki gave me this watch before me and him broke up she nodded for 2 hours we laughed...

fr3ckles- fr3ckles- Jul 14, 2016
My neighbors used to ask for eggs, milk, & sugar. I be like damn there is something called a store.
priincesss- priincesss- Jul 06, 2016
Cause girl . Offset daddy asf 😳💍 & That nigga make you feel that way 😊👏💦 .....
priincesss- priincesss- Jul 06, 2016
Ghetto 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂💀 .!!! First thing you do is grab that belt 😂😊 . REMEMBER THIS FUTURE MOTHERS 😁 .
NiqNiq1003 NiqNiq1003 Jul 06, 2016
Imagine that's the outfit he had on his hair is the black and brown dreads
PuRpLeEmUdD- PuRpLeEmUdD- Jul 07, 2016
lmfao I still do it fa my grandma when I'm up in chi😂😂 @ItsMeeeTee
priincesss- priincesss- Jul 06, 2016
Koddddy &  Luhhh girl that look like Oreo hoe 😭😭😭😭😭😂💀 .