The Devil He Knew (Newtmas)

The Devil He Knew (Newtmas)

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STILES LOVES LYDIA By Stupid-little-Things Updated Sep 30, 2016

Thomas and Newt hadn't seen each other for a while. A few years had gone by since either of them had last been in River State Mental hospital. Neither of them had forgotten though. Every breath, every touch, and every word still lingered on, just like it was yesterday. Time had passed, and since the death of someone neither realized they both actually held very close, things were different. They weren't in each others lives anymore. There was only one thing that remained for either of them that intertwined their worlds besides their love. 

And that was Stiles, and the fact that he'd never really been gone at all. He lingered in utter darkness, just like everything else, with that same smirk in place that he'd held all those years ago. 

(Sequel to The Devil Within)

This story is fiction made up by me, any resemblance to real life events are unintentional. Newt, Thomas and Minho are not my own characters. They belong to James Dashner. Neither do Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin, who belong to Jeff Davis.

Awhimaaia2468 Awhimaaia2468 Sep 20, 2016
I just started reading this  and I just finished the first book (and I absolutely loved it!!) and I was wondering if there's a scheduled time when you update??
_-Stiles_Stilinski-_ _-Stiles_Stilinski-_ Oct 19, 2016
Wait. Wait. Is he alive or still dead? Am i still alive or dead? Um..
fangirl13456 fangirl13456 Jul 11, 2016
I gasped when I saw her name was Lydia. Before that I was picturing Teresa as the girl.
ThatRandomPhan ThatRandomPhan Nov 04, 2016
*scream* *throws chair* *flips table* *breaks window* *kicks down door* *cuts down tree* *sets house on fire* *punches stranger in the face* WHYY?! 😭😭😭
sangsteraye sangsteraye Jul 07, 2016
don't forget to add some songs by the nbhd in some chapters (;
myparentsarenewtmas myparentsarenewtmas Jul 08, 2016
I'm not ready but I'm so pumped omg I've been waiting *screeches in fangirl language-*