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I AM THE ONE THE ONE THE ONE By kawaiikat7 Updated Apr 03

Luck does not suit the fourth Matsuno brother well. At least, that's what he thought...

This is a Ichimatsu x Shy!Reader [School AU] story I created from the support of my followers on my other book. I suck at summaries btw...
This is a female reader as well since I was kinda lazy at the time.

Disclaimer: I do not own the fabulous picture on the cover or any of the characters. I would've been a millionaire by now...

The sextuplets are 17 and you're 17 as well.

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holomaam holomaam Jul 12
What the fxck did you just fxcking say about me, you little bxtch?
Meeps-Home Meeps-Home Oct 20
I call my mom ma, so yeah gonna just read it like that from now on.
TiaraRaise TiaraRaise Mar 24
Thought that you were going to get away with drawing in the middle of class? Well, surprise motherfucker.
This is me. I was the second best artist in class😂😂 (aside from a guy that has a crush on me during grade 3 and he draws better than me)
Is it sad, that one time in elementary school I won the 4th grade spelling bee and I cried and wanted to trade my 1st place trophy with the participation trophy my bff got? .... ;—; She didn't take it....
TrashDayis TrashDayis May 26
I remember we all had to enter the spelling bee in 5th grade. When it was my turn, I spelled it wrong so I wouldn't do it.