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Welcome to Osomatsu-san Hell By kawaiikat7 Updated Feb 10

Luck does not suit the fourth Matsuno brother well. At least, that's what he thought...

This is a Ichimatsu x Shy!Reader [School AU] story I created from the support of my followers on my other book. I suck at summaries btw...
This is a female reader as well since I was kinda lazy at the time.

Disclaimer: I do not own the fabulous picture on the cover or any of the characters. I would've been a millionaire by now...

The sextuplets are 17 and you're 17 as well.

I mean they probably how I love my life on the internet...reading fanfictions...
i purposely fail on the spelling bee because im too shy to go up on stage and spell for people
GrimKrimey GrimKrimey Nov 12, 2016
OOOOOOOOOO YOU ARE GONNA GET IT TEACH!!!!! *sharpening murder weapons in the corner**whispers quietly* im not even good at spelling....
I was in a spelling bee. I was the first one up and I had to spell 'backpack', I was so nervous I misspelled it and was the first one out.-.
I would probably die of embarrassment then after that fall off the stage and have an anxiety attack while having a seizure on the floor xD
AquariusChocolatee AquariusChocolatee Dec 18, 2016
*Day of the spelling bee*
                              Me: (goes on stage) Iridocyclitis 
                              The host dude: Get out