An Artist's Touch - [ryden AU] {COMPLETED ✔️}

An Artist's Touch - [ryden AU] {COMPLETED ✔️}

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"You're like a fire; igniting the deepest parts of my soul."

*     *     *

[credit for idea: @/ililydun on tumblr, given permission to make into a fic.]

Started: July 4, 2016
Completed: January 29, 2017

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Dam I knew this was gunna be good but i didn't expect it to be this good
When the moon fell in love with the sun all way golden in the sky
it's like the eleventy seventh time i'm reading this and i can't help it THIS IS TOO GOOD DEGONSFKG
me when i first discovered you can balance one between your upper lip and your nose
*gets flashbacks to Don't Hug Me Im Scared* 
                              WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE IDEA?
it was the september of 1994
                              ryan meets brendon, and he's like "yo, i think you're beautiful" and brendon's like "yo, i think you're more beautiful" "that's impossible. can i draw you?" and brendon's like
                              "yeah, that's cool"