Loveless (Ayato x Reader)

Loveless (Ayato x Reader)

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Lucy By toffy59 Updated Oct 06

(Y/N) Kamishiro is not a ghoul nor a human, instead she is something more powerful, she is a fox spirit or better know as the legendary nine tailed fox. She lives among the ghouls and humans avoiding conflict that may arise from her affiliation with her foster sister Rize Kamishiro. The two were inseparable until Rize died from an accident . After her death, (Y/N) decided to hide away since her dead sister couldn't protect her anymore. (Y/N) silently trained in the dark and hunted down criminals to eat their souls. One night (Y/N) was hunting her prey when a dark blue haired ghoul along with a white haired ghoul kill her prey.

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From the last time he kicked your face in. Did ya?!
                              Oh I love that line. Todd slayed as Ayato.