Love Bird.

Love Bird.

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Emily By EmnStuff Updated Jan 23

(ATTENTION!!!! This is book two of the Jail Bird series. If you have not read book one, it is recommended that you do.)

After two weeks of searching for the elusive girl, Jane Harison finally makes an appearance, only to step on a bus...and out of his reach yet again. But Victor Price not left empty handed. He finds a note, and in it is his ticket to finding his beloved Jane. A scavenger hunt.
Jane needs help finding the man she once called her father. After two weeks of searching, she's come up empty. But, Jane being Jane, she cannot just waltz up to Victor, swallow her pride, and ask for help. No, she's going to do it her way. The fun way. She sets clues around her home town, instructing him to find them and put them together like a puzzle. 

Will he help her find her father? And will Ike tear them apart yet again?

  • bird
  • cop
  • delinquent
  • hunt
  • jail
  • jane
  • logan
  • love
  • romance
  • victor
BloodRedKiss BloodRedKiss Mar 20, 2016
How old exactly is Victor? I either missed it or it wasn't mentioned.