Different (Scomiche)

Different (Scomiche)

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love trumps hate<3 By mitchy_scotty Completed

Everyone was the same. 

You wake up, change into the same outfit, and then go to school. 

Society made you all equal, so no person was different from another. 

If you were strange, you were diagnosed as a Different. For everyone was to wear the same things, act the same, and love the same.

A normal person would fall in love after they were twenty to someone of the opposite gender. Marriages were considered a hassle, so you would not have a ceremony, just decide if you wanted to be married or not. Once married, there was no divorcing. 

For if you were not normal, you'd be coded. Normals wear white, Differents wear black.

Umm I wear a lot of black so does that mean I get to hang out with them???😣
That was a let down kirstie your supposed to be supportive 😕
Bish tf you think this is my nigga..... sorry i got to into it
gloworm- gloworm- Feb 06
People in this comments section: "society is so f*cked up! This is our society! I feel repressed and judged and emotional!"
                              Starving children in Africa: "oh, you poor fücking angels."
Thb, the first time I read ' a different', I read as 'a divergent'
gloworm- gloworm- Feb 06
I really want to find out the govt's reason for doing this...... I'm guessing they turned humans into efficient money-making robots and the govt just rakes in the cash without any complaints from the commoners.