Different (Scomiche)

Different (Scomiche)

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Everyone was the same. 

You wake up, change into the same outfit, and then go to school. 

Society made you all equal, so no person was different from another. 

If you were strange, you were diagnosed as a Different. For everyone was to wear the same things, act the same, and love the same.

A normal person would fall in love after they were twenty to someone of the opposite gender. Marriages were considered a hassle, so you would not have a ceremony, just decide if you wanted to be married or not. Once married, there was no divorcing. 

For if you were not normal, you'd be coded. Normals wear white, Differents wear black.

otherrealm otherrealm Jul 24
The government must be very creative to come up with names such as normal and different. Wow I must say I'm impressed.
And now 13 stories to read + the Harry Potter series 
I'm intrigued. This sounds like it'll be really good and I love the concept! I'm excited
The fact that Mitch doesn't realize he's fixated on Scott. I mean obviously he's a perfect blond noodle but he's not the only Different in that room, Mitchy.
saffyrose saffyrose Aug 30
I hug a fair few people, but more often I play with people's hair. I always feel flattered when they say I'm the only one they let touch their hair. And I'm tall so people like to rest on my shoulder which I always love. I wouldn't survive :(
It's that moment when he fell in love with the tall blonde...