Broken Promises

Broken Promises

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Ms.Melanin 👸🏿 💙 By MelaninAlston Updated May 27, 2017

A'Tayah Marie Briggs

"Devin, open up it's, Taya." I lightly tapped on my best friends, Devin, window.

I saw his light come on then I watched as he came to his window and open it just enough so that I could slip through.

Since this is like our routine almost every night, Devin pointed sleepily over to a pile of blankets over in a corner by the door. I grabbed a purple comforter and laid down in his bed while he laid in his own comforter. 

I turned so that I was facing him and he looked at me. Devin wiped my tear stained face which didn't do anything because I continued to cry. 

"Shhh... It's okay, Taya." His voice was soothing and calm. But I knew he was only saying that to calm me down because we both know my situation at home is everything but okay. 

"No, it's not, Devin. We both know it will never be okay as long as my dad is here," I sniffed and cried silently while Devin began to rub my back.

"No, everything's going to be okay," He reassured me.

I nodded and said. "Devin, p...

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