(Y/N) Heartfilia (Natsu X Reader)

(Y/N) Heartfilia (Natsu X Reader)

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ʝєѕѕє ¢αρισ By CoolioGalaxy Updated Dec 27, 2016

After all these years of being the Lonely Midnight Crisis, Lucy Heartfilia has finally reached out to thee Dark Dragon slayer.
Otherwise known

As her ѕιѕтєя.

((Cover above made by: Me! :3))

If Lucy abandoned me, OF COURSE SHE DID! She's a bitch, that's why
Its fine. I'm just chill about an arrow in my leg. I'm all good people
Like I would hug Lucy. She may be my sister,  but I still hate her
Natsuko2016firewolf Natsuko2016firewolf Oct 26, 2016
I wish I was that scary atmy school to scare the bullys away from me