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Dark Angel Unleashed (Aaron x Reader Book2)

Dark Angel Unleashed (Aaron x Reader Book2)

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Skittle Swag Queen By Legendary_Skittles Updated Feb 04

Heyo this is book 2 of Angle of Darkness. Lots have liked the other book so I hope you like this one. 

Y/N (You) is hiding a secret from others. Will that power take over you or will you overcome it and learn. Will Aaron still love you after what happens and what you might tell him? Read and find out. Enjoy

Legendary_Skittles Legendary_Skittles Jul 11, 2016
Ok I'm sorry I don't want you to die I will try my best to update more often
everlastinglights everlastinglights Jul 23, 2016
i don't wanna be a grammar nazi or anything like that but it is "angel" not angle
You know what tell me why you do not fell happy and i will give you edvice
FairBarrie FairBarrie 2 days ago
*Buys A Bunca Bags Of Skittles* I GOT MEH SOME SKITTLES!!!!!!!!!!! *Takes Out All The Green And Red Skittles And Eats Them*
SunshineB09 SunshineB09 Jul 11, 2016
I'm happy you updated but I swear I'm gonna die if you don't update soon!!!!