A dream come true? (Nightmare!sans x Reader)

A dream come true? (Nightmare!sans x Reader)

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Your life is miserable. Lets just put it at that. Your parents died at the age of 3, your foster parents abuse you, you are ridiculed at school, and to top it off no matter what you cant get these damn nightmares to go away. So.....

You end up at the large apple tree on the hill, just before 'they' get home too. You sit down with the rope in your hand...

And make a wish....

You get up to put the rope on the tree, and in turn, you on the rope. But...

'He' stops you..

It seems your wish has been granted.

By the wrong guy??


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*Kicks Him In The Balls So Hard He Won't Repopulate* Man Whore!
BlaizingFire04 BlaizingFire04 Mar 14, 2017
I already have insomnia.  Ha ha.... ha........ it's not okay......
Reiiden Reiiden May 08, 2017
... you sure this isn't my future self?
                              besides the abusive parents
TheShipGodessss TheShipGodessss Nov 09, 2017
What's wrong with sleeping on a mattress? I mean. I don't live in a prison room but I sleep on a mattress (some cmfortable shiz), I have a drawer, a desk and drawings on the walls to keep me satisfied. 
                              I don't know why I just told everyone that's gonna see this but I did, so HA
00Gamerdragon00 00Gamerdragon00 Nov 08, 2017
Wow I'm 17 in this? I'm waaay younger than that (13) hey is it ok if I copy this story and add some minor differences? I'm not gunna publish it is just to do because I have a good bit of time on my hands and I'm bored.
DarkPuppet12 DarkPuppet12 Apr 30, 2017
Here we go again
                              I feel the chemicals kickin in
                              Its gettin heavy and I wanna run and hide
                              I wanna run and hide-