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A dream come true? (Nightmare!sans x Reader)

A dream come true? (Nightmare!sans x Reader)

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Determined_Reader By Determined_Reader Completed

Your life is miserable. Lets just put it at that. Your parents died at the age of 3, your foster parents abuse you, you are ridiculed at school, and to top it off no matter what you cant get these damn nightmares to go away. So.....

You end up at the large apple tree on the hill, just before 'they' get home too. You sit down with the rope in your hand...

And make a wish....

You get up to put the rope on the tree, and in turn, you on the rope. But...

'He' stops you..

It seems your wish has been granted.

By the wrong guy??


RollingEevee RollingEevee Dec 30, 2016
Come any closer, and I WILL kick you where the sun won't dare shine, 'kay Dragqueen? ^^
WingDing320 WingDing320 Dec 19, 2016
Me: You my friend get....A boot to the head
                              Bully: Wha-
                              Me: *Throws an avalanche of boots at them*
EnderyCat EnderyCat Dec 31, 2016
*growls and gets my FNAF OC in here* EnderCat! KILL all of the people in this school! In the MOST painful way! Go! 
                              EnderCat: *smirks and grabs knife from pocket* With pleasure!!!
Neko_The_Cat Neko_The_Cat Nov 29, 2016
Tbh that would scare me so id fall off and die anyway thanks dipshít
Dustygold Dustygold Jan 16
                              HERE I GO AGAAIIAAANN
                              HERE I GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
ZW_OfThe_Underground ZW_OfThe_Underground Dec 27, 2016
I believe I've never worn a night gown in my life. Bet they are comfortable ^•^