Twelve Fallen Stars

Twelve Fallen Stars

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☆ Your Shooting Star ☆ By Aquarii_Star Updated Sep 04, 2017

"Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a star?"

In the land of Zosodia, there goes a legend. The legends tells how Zosodia came to be, starting with Twelve young heroes called the Zodiacs. These heroes placed a constellation in the sky, to represent their kingdom, after defeating an evil man named Ophiuchus. Of course, that's the typical happy ending.

BUT, what if the legend was wrong?

What happens when the regions of Threa and Ewart, clash in a long time war?
The constellations of each kingdom suddenly disappear without no one noticing?

No one knows the answer... Yet.


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SorairoFalls SorairoFalls Mar 16, 2017
Yay! For once I am female. Even though I found some others with a female Scorpio.
smart_marshmallow smart_marshmallow Nov 28, 2016
Thank you a Female Leo you don't know how hard it is to find one
Iafayette- Iafayette- Dec 04, 2016
CALLED IT. HES THE VILLAIN. TBH I hope he has a lot of character development and he's not just a static character.
-_RavenFyre_- -_RavenFyre_- Jan 07, 2017
Hahaha, I get it now! His name is Wales because if you translate Cetus, it translates to Whales!