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ONE [Tory Lanez]

ONE [Tory Lanez]

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Sandra Dee. By yamalex Completed

Its funny how the occurrence of a twisted event can turn out to be the start of what is meant to be. 

We clashed. 

We knocked heads. 

We learnt. 

We loved. 

Now we are, 


Julian Tailor isn't your average rich kid. While he had alot, he liked to keep lowkey and stay as humble as possible but some things happen in his life leading to him not being able to trust easily. 

Kareem Landry is the passionate underachiever with low self esteem and a hard time pleasing her parents. She has a big heart and after a bad relationship is careful who she gives herself to. 

A mishap brings them together in the best way possible.

theMadMarsz theMadMarsz Jan 12
Is it bad that i already liked the chapter and haven't even started it?
Enchantment_Angel Enchantment_Angel Dec 02, 2016
You really think I want to pay MY money on car insurance to get your ATTENTION? U got me fxcked up
loveme1819 loveme1819 Dec 19, 2016
Aye this book lit already 👏👏👏👏👏👏 round of applause
NovaRed NovaRed Feb 01
I would've hit that bitch again 😂 who tf Tory think he is ?
___mns ___mns Jan 03
lol I saw him in person at my college's concert and he seemed so short to me. He was literally standing right next to my friend and me. Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly. Still fine af tho lmao.
loveme1819 loveme1819 Dec 19, 2016
Hehe😹 he think he big pimpin 👏👏😂😂😂 he should be a comedian!