EXO Reunite

EXO Reunite

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"You still love me, right?"

"Until forever."


Sehun had gotten into a car accident. When the rest of the members heard it, they all rushed to the hospital, only to find that their beloved maknae had lost his memory.

Perhaps their only chance would be their three special brothers who had already left them.

This is when the faith and and trust of the twelve are put to the test as some feelings were recreated.

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"Sehun is not a doofus, you little shit." I didn't bother masking the snarl in my words. "I don't care if he knocked into a pole-"

"Tree." Lay chimed in.

"-but because of that stupid crash he was fucking admitted into the hospital! You tell me how serious is that? Be serious for once in your life, can you?"


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