you're a boy?!° || + j.jk

you're a boy?!° || + j.jk

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✿ーтænnʏ。 By _GUCCIKIN Completed

Bangtan Caramel is the hot, girl-group under Big Hit. They are dominating the Korean industry with strong visuals, sexy moves and powerful vocals.

Kim Taehyung who isn't a fan, gets involved with them.

What happens when he finds out that the members of Bangtan Caramel are BOYS?!

That only happens in movies tf smh
                              Is someone like that tho?
Um hold up. Kim taehyung is very good at acting thank you very much.
-milkktae -milkktae Aug 11
So now I don't eat Smarties (not like I ever liked them anyways) and Sprees.
Man i would have a lesbian marriage with any bangtan caramel member
BlackKittenToast BlackKittenToast 3 days ago
Can someone give me A FLIPPIN 1UP MUSHROOM.
                              MARIO WHERE ARE Y O U
-milkktae -milkktae Aug 11
I almost died eating candy twice cause I choked on my flavored saliva and it went down the wrong pipe and I couldn't breath AND IT HURT LIKE A BITCHH TO TRY TO BREATH!