Assassination Classroom ~ After Story ~

Assassination Classroom ~ After Story ~

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AliceCythia By AliceCythia Updated Nov 08

This is a story about Nagisa with his students at Gokuraku Municipal High School. 

Seven years has passed after the whole assassination .Shiota Nagisa, the former student of class E pursue his dream of becoming a teacher. Finally, he became a trainee teacher of class 3-5 at Gokuraku Municipal High School.

Nagisa dreamt about having a bright future and bright student. But what happened when he found out the class he teach is full of delinquent?

A/N : This is just my imagination about Nagisa's life being a teacher. Also, I don't own Assassination Classroom / Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. It belong to Matsui Yuusei. I only own my OCs.

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Lol honestly thanks for making this. I actually wanted to see Nagisa as a teacher and was hoping somebody wrote a fanfic about it, yours popped up first and I screamed hallelujah! XD