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Weapons (Itachi romance)

Weapons (Itachi romance)

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Ever since the days in the Academy, Itachi and Kaoru have been close friends. For as long as Kaoru can remember, Itachi has been the calm one that always does the right thing. So who will she turn to when he starts acting strange? Will she be prepared to risk everything to keep her life normal? ItachixOC
**I do not own Naruto. I only own my OC's and this plotline**

JustALonleyUnicorn JustALonleyUnicorn Dec 22, 2016
Ikr I couldn't stop crying!! Every time I see it I break down in tears
azukinakano12 azukinakano12 Jul 16, 2013
"Kaa-chan ate a baby!?"
                              Lol! That has got to be the funniest line I have read so far in my life!
xXxWinterxXx xXxWinterxXx Apr 29, 2012
@Ninjasauras Awww:) thats adorable! Haha i actually really love little kids<3
                              And i just saw the picture of Itachi at the side *swoon* you have good taste Ninjasauras;)
Ninjasauras Ninjasauras Apr 29, 2012
@WinterAmethyst thanks :D and I agree, I cried when he died!! Plus, believe or not, my little brother though that my aunt had eaten a baby when she was pregnant with my little cousin :3
xXxWinterxXx xXxWinterxXx Apr 28, 2012
Also i love how you made her Naruto's big sister! And yeesh you got me fan girl screaming over here. Itachi is def hot! I wish he hadn't died T-T
xXxWinterxXx xXxWinterxXx Apr 28, 2012
Haha that was so cute&hilarious! "Kaa-chan ate a baby?!" She would so many hugs if she said that to me<3