The bad girls bad boy ✓

The bad girls bad boy ✓

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❝Life isn't a fairytale; there aren't any happy endings. Fairytales are left for stories that little girls and boys read before they go to bed, so they can have a peaceful sleep.❞ ~The bad girl. 

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❝This book has just the right amount of EPICNESS! This book was so good, I could not put it down. The suspense was just perfects, and I definitely would read if I were you. (SO SO SO SO GOOD!)❞ ~SkeloCookie.

❝TBGBB is a well written story that leave you at the edge of your seat--crying, laughing, swearing, fangiring and gasping for air! Approach with caution because Alina Hust is ready to kick butt...
Ladies and gentlemen; the bad girls bad boy by Wattpad extraordinaire-- -moonlust.❞ ~-midnightwishes.

❝It's already sucked me right in! Good job on writing it, it's soooo good already!! ~laciegordy.❞

❝She's one tough girl! I'm hooked!❞~helxngrangxr. 

❝I like how casually everything is too, it isn't rushed, and it flows smoothly like how a book should be.❞~AngelTheory. 

❝I love this already. Alina is goals, her dry sarcasm is the best, her sense of humour is the reason I live, her pranks and reputation are just.....idek! Everything about this is awesome, I love it!!❞~bookworm_kenken.

❝The posse seems kind of cliche, but I love the wording of everything. Ad I love how Alina doesn't just drop her bad girl face when some boy comes around (like many authors do...) and I stress stays true to her outer shell. So far, loving it!❞ ~PoeticFencepost. 

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Book one in The bad teens Duology. Edited!
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That quote is so deep, that the marianas trench got jealous.....
                              THE FEELS
lacuuna lacuuna Mar 20
u revealed too much. way too much. this is supposed to be a little description/blurb. not a full on summary. it took the fun and  mystery out of it.
Reihanaxox Reihanaxox Jun 18
tbh you got good cast but the best friends look more bad ass than the main characters
Ariana ❤️🙏🏻 Defos not a bully but for the story okay
- - Jun 19
I just wish assholes who would try to copy everything they see that has potential needs to disappear ;-;
Niles2104 Niles2104 Sep 09
Just to be clear.... BLAIRE IS SO FREAKIN' BEAUTIFUL!!!😍😘💙 I wish I was like her