The bad girls bad boy

The bad girls bad boy

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❝Life isn't a fairytale; there aren't any happy endings. Fairytales are left for stories that little girls and boys read before they go to bed, so they can have a peaceful sleep.❞ ~The bad girl. 


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❝This book has just the right amount of EPICNESS! This book was so good, I could not put it down. The suspense was just perfects, and I definitely would read if I were you. (SO SO SO SO GOOD!)❞ ~SkeloCookie.

❝TBGBB is a well written story that leave you at the edge of your seat--crying, laughing, swearing, fangiring and gasping for air! Approach with caution because Alina Hust is ready to kick butt...
Ladies and gentlemen; the bad girls bad boy by Wattpad extraordinaire-- CraftyGamerGirl75❞ ~infinitLaughtr.

❝It's already sucked me right in! Good job on writing it, it's soooo good already!! ~@laciegordy.❞

❝She's one tough girl! I'm hooked!❞~helxngrangxr. 

❝I like how casually everything is too, it isn't rushed, and it flows smoothly like how a book should be.❞~AngelTheory. 

❝I love this already. Alina is goals, her dry sarcasm is the best, her sense of humour is the reason I live, her pranks and reputation are just.....idek! Everything about this is awesome, I love it!!❞~@bookworm_kenken.

❝The posse seems kind of cliche, but I love the wording of everything. Ad I love how Alina doesn't just drop her bad girl face when some boy comes around (like many authors do...) and I stress stays true to her outer shell. So far, loving it!❞ ~@PoeticFencepost. 

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amzy1232 amzy1232 Jan 28
Does it actually mean bitter because my name is ammaarah it may not be the same spelling but still