That One Word Must Mean Something

That One Word Must Mean Something

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Stiles and Jackson 
Teen wolf

It all starts when they got stuck in the prison transport vehicle in a storm, Stiles is afraid of storms so Jackson comforts him, neither knowing they found their mate but always having the feeling that they knew.

Jackson is the kanima becoming the wolf.

Stiles is an elemental if you don't know what it is you can look it up or just read to find out.

He can feel others emotions and has unknown abilities, these two extras that he only just learned of come about in 5

Please enjoy.

Teen wolf and all its characters belong to MTV.

Ahm. Stiles you did that when you convince Scott to find a dead body in the woods.
TheRavensGloom TheRavensGloom Jul 08, 2016
Thank you for all the nice words, I am working on getting it written but I am also working a couple of my other story's that need working on so I'll get it up as soon as in can. Have a nice day guys