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To Remember Her (Garroth X Reader)

To Remember Her (Garroth X Reader)

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Fallen Lahey By FallenKen Completed

"Jam the walls, maybe they'll stop," he yelled shoving the sword into the corner of the room. I took mine and did the same. After we jammed as many as we could the walls stopped moving. I smiled faintly and Garroth walked over to me. "Are you okay?"

"Not really. I just killed three people today, all innocent."

"They were going to kill you though!" He exclaimed.

"Better one than three," I shrugged. I could tell that what I had just said was bothering him.

I dont even understand whos POV theyre meant to be, dont understand the relationships either
Turtlelover1024 Turtlelover1024 Oct 01, 2016
What does N/N mean? It's probably really obvious but I'm stupid lol